From Around the Web: 20 Fabulous Infographics About to what does the term, traffic, refer to when used in conjunction with the internet?

I’m not sure why traffic is used the way it is. It is a very vague term and is often used interchangeably with “traffic” in the same manner as “crowd” or “congestion” is used in public transportation. These days, traffic is an expression that describes all the things that are related to the flow of traffic.

Traffic is a way of talking about the traffic flow around us, but traffic is not defined by where it is going. Why are we talking about traffic? A traffic light gives you the direction of the roadway, making it clear that something is taking place, and that it’s going to be a big factor in the actual traffic situation.

Traffic refers to the flow of vehicles on a road, but is not limited to that. Traffic is also the expression used to refer to the flow of people who are coming or going from a place, but it also refers to the flow of traffic that is flowing around a place. There are so many different uses of traffic that it is hard to define it in one short sentence.

The internet is a place where people go and do things. Traffic is the flow of people who are coming or going from a certain place. In this case, people who are making their way to a certain place, and are making their way to and from a certain place. It’s actually a pretty broad term and can refer to people who are coming or going from a certain place or going or coming to a certain place.

I find it really funny when people think of traffic as a form of traffic, a traffic event, or something in between. I think traffic itself makes sense in many different ways, but traffic has meaning in many different ways, and traffic has a different meaning from traffic in any way. People can go and do things as well as traffic can. When traffic is used for traffic, traffic is a kind of traffic event.

In the context of this site, traffic is used to refer to anyone who goes to this site or to any part of the internet. The term is also used in the context of internet traffic.

In the Internet we commonly talk about “traffic’s” or “web traffic.” But traffic is used in other ways, too: For example, to refer to the amount of time spent on a webpage or in a website.

Traffic is the overall amount of time spent on a website or in a website. It’s also used as the time spent on a particular page or a certain part of a webpage. Sometimes a web site will have lots of traffic while another will have little or no traffic. But if you just look at a web site and look at the traffic, you can’t really tell the difference really.

Traffic traffic is more like a number than a number of page views. It’s also more like a picture than a image. Traffic is not as much like a place. People go to many places and it has a lot of detail and lots of pictures, and a lot of information in it. But it’s also more like a picture than a thing.

So, traffic is a thing, and a place, and a number. The internet is all of these things.

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